Virtual and Hybrid Conferences: A New Realm of Connectivity

July 24, 2020

Our landscape is changing, and the world of conferences is changing with it.



A Hub Of Information.

Conferences allow opportunities for people to connect and expand networks; they’re a hub for the exchange and inspiration of ideas and give access to key players in their industries.

But now that we are unable to gather in person, it has left us with the question of ‘how can we inform, stay connected, and keep the educational aspects of our industries alive and growing?’.


But What About My Swag Bags?

This is where Virtual Conferences come to save the day. While having those in-person experiences and filling up swag bags are put on hold, at least for the time being. The level of creatively delivered information and crowd interaction has made up for that, if not more.

Being able to receive real-time engagement and feedback is a huge reason why Virtual Conferences are becoming so popular. Unlike a typical conference, the Virtual Conference allows how the information is delivered to the audience in a way not always possible and the limits on how, is almost infinite.



Just Another Meeting!

Other reasons why Virtual Conferences are continuing to grow in popularity is because of their accessibility, environmental footprint, and great cost savings.

Unfortunately, where this type of event can struggle is the lack of authenticity or effort, whether high or low.

At this point, everyone has participated in a Zoom Meeting or something similar. With many still using these for work and other outlets every single day, it should come as no surprise that attending a virtual conference may seem a little off-putting.

For a Virtual Conference to be successful it needs to be different from what is now the new norm.

We all know event planners want the show to be flawless; and who doesn’t want a perfect event but when the entire show is pre-recorded it is disingenuous to your audience. Don’t get me wrong, having some things produced beforehand is great, it can break up the shows flow and be impactful in its messaging, but viewers want it to be live as if they are there in person. There is more personality. They want it to be real, to see or hear mistakes, albeit minor.

When everything has been edited perfectly and assembled beforehand it can result in a disappointing experience. That is where the Hybrid Conference comes into play and dramatically takes a completely digital event to a perfect blend of both worlds, furthering engagement and experience.



Hybrid Conferences A Perfect Blend Of In-Person and Virtual

Hybrid Conferences allow influential personal within the company or event to present individually or together (while being socially distant) and deliver information in a dynamic setting.

With the evolution and capability of LED wall’s, we are able to create visually engaging, interactive, cutting-edge and safe environments for discussion, examination and sharing.

Imagine new and more focused ways to highlight your key speakers without having to rent out multiple ballrooms. In turn, allowing your budget to be more focused upon the visual engagement of your viewers.


A Virtual Studio For Your Conference.

Having accessibility to a more visually focused platform can engage viewers in a new and more curious way; and with LED wall technology the quality of visuals can far outshine a zoom background.

Paired with video production, this paves the way for your business, ideas, and teachings to come to life.


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