Video Wall

Almost any layout of LED Video Panel is possible.

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Images can be viewed successfully from less than 3 ft. and are well suited for events and projects in ballrooms, conference facilities, and anywhere where high resolution is required.

Rolls Royce Cullinan Launch
LNG Coastal Summit
Twilight Zone TV Series

2mm curve Panel - Specifications

Pixel Pitch 6.6mm
Brightness 5500 nits
Panel Resolution 96 x 108px
Weight 13.5kg / 29.76lb
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Widely used for outdoor broadcasts, indoor/outdoor concerts, and corporate events, the 6mm tiles are double the size of
a standard tile which allows for a significant decrease in setup time, especially for very large screens.

FVDED In the Park
Contact Festival
Paradiso Festival
Tulalip Amphitheater

6mm Panel - Specifications

Pixel Pitch 6.6mm
Brightness 5500 nit
Panel Resolution 96 x 108px
Weight 13.5kg / 29.76lb
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Widely used for music tours and large events, our 7MM touring panels are designed specifically to be built, dismantled and transported efficiently. Their stack-able design combined with the sleek compact frame, make them the most space efficient touring product on the market.

Calgary Stampede
Contact Festival
PNE Coliseum Events
Rogers Arena Events

7mm touring Panel - Specifications

Pixel Pitch 7.8mm
Brightness 5000 nits
Panel Resolution 64 x 128px
Weight 12.5kg / 27.56lb
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The 15mm Flex has been used on every major music festival in BC, many corporate events, launch events, as well as movie and TV productions.

Sasquatch Festival
Gone Country
Nike Underground

15mm Panel - Specifications

Pixel Pitch 15mm
Brightness ≥5000cd/m²
Panel Resolution N/A
Weight 30kg/m²
Curve N/A
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