Changing Landscapes in Film: LED Wall vs Green Screen

July 17, 2020

The Mandalorian brought to the forefront what LED Wall can offer in a film studio. Moving away from Green Screen means some big changes, however, the gains are immense.


Star Wars Bucket Heads LED Wall Virtual Set
Camera assistant slates a take for Episode 1 of Bucket Heads: Star Wars Fan Series on location at VFS with Promosa’s built LED Wall Virtual Set.


A Multitude Of Benefits.

Virtual film studios are becoming more of a reality, and with the age of Covid-19, these platforms may be the future of the film industry.

The benefit of virtual film sets and LED Wall goes far beyond accessibility, and the creativity and ease that is available through the pairing of video wall and platforms such as Unreal Engine can offer a multitude of benefits for the modern filmmaker and the environment.


Promosa Video Technician programming Star Wars Bucket Heads LED Wall Virtual Set
A Promosa Video Technician programming an LED Wall Virtual Set.

A Virtual Studio Is Expansive.

Practically speaking, the stretches where LED Video Wall can take a Virtual Studio is expansive.

Digital artists will have the ability to directly integrate and edit CGI scenes as they please, easily changing the landscape at a moment’s notice. Mountain shape off? Change it. Want a different time of day? Change it. Rather have a Fir tree than a Pine tree? Change it.


Star Wars Bucket Heads LED Wall Virtual Set
A bright sunny desert scene is displayed on the LED Wall Virtual Set but at a moment’s notice could become a foggy forest scene.


Accurate Reflections!

Did we also mention the reduction in time-consuming post-production processes? LED Wall offers accurate reflections and customizable lighting while filming.

No longer will filmmakers have to break up filming because of weather conditions, and no longer will VFX teams have to work tirelessly to tend to the minutia of matching the lighting in a scene filmed over a number of days.


Star Wars Bucket Heads LED Wall Virtual Set
Reflections are no longer a concern with a LED Wall Virtual Set.


A Green Screen!

And finally, LED Walls and the use of virtual film sets, are greener! Fewer emissions, less waste, the ability to offer more work opportunities for our community, the list continues.

Sure, travel is one of the many magical aspects of filming, but with respect to Mother Nature, and the tools to now film wherever, we can create greener and more environmentally responsible sets.

In addition, with the use of LED displays that can be the platform for photoreal visuals, the amount of set dec and props is reduced. Not to say that we don’t see and value a great set-dec and props team, but imagine the waste and efforts saved when you don’t have to buy every single knick-knack in the scene.


Star Wars Bucket Heads LED Wall Virtual Film Set
Realistic environments while being environmentally friendly.

In A Galaxy Not So Far Away.

So, as we’re transforming our visions and values during this quieter time, consider for a moment how LED Wall and Virtual Film Studios can play a bigger part in your next film production, and community.

Not only does it provide an incredible and accessible creative avenue, but it’s a great way to work towards a greater and bigger vision that serves us all.


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